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Yep – does it stand a chance as a search engine alternative to Google?

In June 2022, SEO platform provider Ahrefs announced its search engine Yep.

Will Yep have more success than any of the previous Google challengers?

Google is the search engine that most people prefer. As of May 2022, Google commanded over 88% of the global desktop search engine market.

Desktop Search Engine Market Share Worldwide – May 2022
Source: statcounter

Because of this dominance, SEOs obsess with giving Google what it wants.

Google Search Engine Challengers

Many challengers have tried to dethrone Google.

The launch of DuckDuckGo was in 2008. Fourteen years later, the search engine has less than one percent of the global desktop market.

Microsoft launched Bing in 2009. Despite Microsoft’s massive marketing budget, Bing has one-tenth the desktop market share of Google.

The launch of the original Yahoo! Search was in 1995. Yahoo! Search has been using Bing as its search engine since 2009. Today, Yahoo has less than two-and-a-half percent of the global desktop search market.

In 2021, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff invested $20 million in a search engine called You.com. But, after six months, You.com is not yet on the map.

How Can Yep Buck the Trend?

Yep has a big emphasis on privacy. But so does DuckDuckGo.

Chrome users can set Yep the default search engine. But the same can be said for every other Google competitor.

Ahrefs has a high-ranking bot. But so does Bing.

What is Yep’s unique value proposition?

The one thing that separates Yep from the rest of the pack is the business model that CEO Dmytro Gerasymenko has presented.

Yep will share 90% of its advertising profits with content creators.

The pitch is that content creators won’t have to plaster their sidebars with ads and their body text with affiliate links. Paywalls will no longer be needed. Writers won’t need to survive on donations as Wikipedia does.

Instead of writing clickbait articles, creators can focus on publishing quality content.

But for this to work, the adoption level will have to hit a critical mass. That critical mass will be beyond what Bing has done.

Content creators will have to be the volunteer marketing department for Yep.

And yes — Yep will have to display great search results.

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